Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Uganda blog 4 February 2015 Entry 3

Day 5 Medical Ward (Jayne Fleming & Nicola Froud)

Our time on the medical ward was brief but encouraging. We saw the ward run with limited resources to manage contagious diseases such as Tetanus, HIV and Tuberculosis. The staff were bright and positive and adopted high standards of infection control in an attempt to reduce cross contamination including isolation rooms. The wards are very hot and overcrowded with patients over spilling in makeshift beds on the grass outside.

From the medical ward we decided to go to the private wards located on the hospitals brand new building to compare conditions. To our surprise the wards were a far cry from the ones we had observed previously. The wards resembled our own wards back in the UK with private rooms, up-to date equipment and a high standard of cleanliness. The staff were bright and cheerful and acknowledged the conditions there were much better than the main hospital wards. This brings to light the problem many people face in many different countries who do not have the luxury of NHS funded healthcare. In reality it seems that regardless of which country you may live whether it be developing or developed wealth will buy you a better standard of healthcare.

Next and final stop Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation...

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