Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Uganda blog 4 February 2015 Entry 6

Devine Mercy Orphanage, Mbarara (Jayne Fleming & Nicola Froud)

During the afternoon our time was spent with the children of the Devine Mercy orphanage. Sharing the many gifts acquired through our fundraising and donations.

As we entered we were quickly surrounded by many children of all ages all desperate to be acknowledged, all vying for our attention and affection. We were quite overwhelmed to begin with and struggled to juggle the many children in our arms all at one time.
The children were overjoyed with gifts we gave them one girl asking if it was Xmas. Although the conditions were not ideal and not having appropriate clothing the children seemed happy and did not appear to be undernourished.
While we were there all the girls gave us a show singing and dancing bringing tears to our eyes it was a joy to watch. Babies as young as three month were among the 80+ children in the orphanage with only five staff attempting to keep some kind of order.
The children enjoyed the time we spent there all posing for a photo opportunity and playing with our gifts. With promises to return the following day we were thanked, cheered and waved off by many happy children.

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