Thursday, 29 May 2014

Nursing at Hull moves up the league tables

It is a proud time for the Faculty as the hard work of staff over the last few years is starting to show through externally. The Complete University Guide 2015 for the subject table of nursing is very good news for Hull, which - along with one other university made a significnat rise up the rankings - specifically:  Hull has made the largest rise of any University from a ranking of 38th (2014) place to 9th (2015) out of 72 Universities, doing better than many major 'rivals'. The performance domains were entry standards, student satisfaction, research assessment, and graduate prospects

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Midwifery news from the faculty

Professor Julie Jomeen has been appointed Associate Editor of BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth and will also become Chair of the Society of Reproductive and Infant Psychology at their conference in Malta in September 2014.
Julie Jomeen

A team at University at Canberra have been awarded AUS$20,000 to replicate a study by Lesley Glover, Jomeen and others on puerperal psychosis; the UK team will work with the Australian team on the study and Julie will be visiting them in October.

Nicky Clark has validated a midwifery programme in Malaysia recently and has also been asked by Coventry University to validate their programme in Athens.
Nicky Clark

Friday, 16 May 2014

Mental Health Awareness Week

Thanks to Beverley Leak, Annette Schlosser, Ian Barkley and the students and service users in the Department of Psychological Health and Well-being for their current promotional activities this week for Mental Health Awareness week.

They report on events as follows:

Mental Health Awareness Week last week saw an elephant invading Hull’s Wyke College campus...!

Courtesy of Wyke’s Colin Walden and a rather large university van Mental Health students Mark, Romie and Meg along with lecturer Ian took the 'Elephant on campus' into the splendid and welcoming lobby of the local sixth form college. 

The theme for this year’s Mental Health  Awareness Week was Anxiety...with it being Exam time at Wyke who could say they weren’t at least a little nervous?  'Mental health is often the elephant in the room that nobody talks about, we wanted to raise awareness by handing out leaflets and talking to people, as well as signposting people to excellent courses in the Faculty and challenging and rewarding potential careers.
We invited people to post comments on the elephant – two of the comments sum up our purpose in being there...'

·        ' Mental health can help many people with any problem, and both listening and talking skills are needed. I am really considering it...'

·         'Mental health is vitally important to the wellbeing of society'

The Elephant at Wyke was just one site in a range of venues that colleagues from Clinical Psychology and HOLD (Helping Others Learn and Develop) visited during the week. GP surgeries and even Staff House on the University Campus experienced a presence...Look out for us next year! 

Congratulations to Dr Jeanette Roddy

Jeanette Roddy of the Scarborough Centre for Health Care Studies has just been awarded her PhD 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Symposium 16 June 21014

Following her successful  Mary Seacole Award, Dr Gloria Likupe
Gloria Likupe
is conducting a symposium on 16 June 2014 to disseminate the results. Speakers will include Dr David Foster Assistant Director of Nursing from the Department of Health, Mohamed Jogi from NHS employer and our own  Professor Kate Galvin.

The symposium is:

"Whose problem is it: Communicating with older adults"

Venue: Staff House, University of Hull
Time: 0930-1600

Publication by Dorothy Frizelle

Dorothy Frizelle has co-authored:
Dr Dorothy Frizelle

Smith, J., Frizelle, D. & Bell, E. (2013). Anxiety and illness beliefs among parents and children with type 1 diabetes and the implications for managementDiabetes Care for Children and Young People (Vol 2; 3, pp 92-94)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Midwifery PfD student commissioned to write a column for the British Journal of Midwifery

One our PhD students, Jenny Smith, will write a column for British Journal of Midwifery; we will put up the links on the blog.
Jenny Smith

Awards to Faculty staff

Mike Parker was nominated for "Best Module Award" and Kate Bowers for "Overall Outstanding Achievement Award".  They are picture here with the Dean at the ceremony pm Tuesday 6 May 2014.
Mike (Left) and Kate with
Professor Steven Ersser (Dean)

Referring to the awards, Dean Professor Steven Ersser said: "It is an outstanding achievement to be nominated by students for these awards and I would like to congratulate Kate and Mike for getting to the final shortlist. I am very keen that we celebrate staff achievements and especially those recognised by our student group, some of whom joined us at last night's celebration."

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Kevin Goode co-authors publication on heart rate and atrial fibrillation in heart failure


Kevin Goode has co-authored:

"In patients with CHF (chronic heart failure) and a reduced LVEF (left ventricular ejection fraction), slower resting ventricular rate is associated with better survival for patients in SR (sinus rhythm) but not for those with AF (atrial fibrillation)."

In collaboration with Academic Cardiology, Hull York Medical School

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Friday, 2 May 2014

New publication by Annette Schlosser

Dr Annette Schlosser, Clincial Lecturer
and clinical psychology trainee Naomi Hughes have co-authored:
Annette Schlosser

Hughes NK, Schlosser A (2014) The effect of nurture groups: a systematic review Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties doi:10.1080/13632752.2014.883729

Tim Buescher reports on RCN Research Conference Glasgow 2014

In April I attended the Royal College of Nursing 2014 International Research Conference at the University of Glasgow where my poster entitled How Compulsive Hoarding Affects Family Relationships won poster of the day on the final day.  Over the course of the three day conference I had the opportunity to meet clinicians, academics and students engaged in a diversity of research and I attended a variety of seminars and presentations on a diversity of subjects.  It was particularly helpful to see Hull University colleagues, my supervisors and fellow PhD students presenting their research and describing the various challenges that they have overcome.  Attending the conference gave me a confidence boost and meeting so many people who are using so many different techniques helped me to consolidate my ideas about what I want to achieve with my research and how I would like to progress my research opportunities for the future.