Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Faculty nomination for BMA prize

Janet Kelly
Janet Kelly's book :
Is Medical Ethics in Armed Conflict Identical to Medical Ethics in Times of Peace? has been nominated by Cambridge Scholars Publishing for a British Medical Association book award, under the ‘Basis of Medicine’ category.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Research grant award: Preventing avoidable sight loss linked to smoking, alcohol and obesity: using different groups to get the message across

Yvonne Needham has been awarded a research grant and the details are:

Preventing avoidable sight loss linked to smoking, alcohol and obesity: using different groups to get the message across

Sponsored by the RNIB and East Riding Public Health

Project team
Liz Greenwood (Optometric Advisor, North Yorkshire and Humber Area Team of NHS England);
Janet McDougall (Public Health Lead East Riding of Yorkshire Council)
Yvonne Needham (Senior Lecturer Faculty of Health and Social Care Hull University)

We all value our eyesight. In fact, it is the sense we fear losing more than any other, 86% of adults living in the UK value their sight more than any other sense (The College of Optometrists 2011). However, many of us do not actively look after our sight. 100 people a day start to lose their sight in the UK, but for most of us this should not be the case (UK Vision Strategy 2008). 

Smoking may cause eye diseases that lead to blindness such as cataract and macular degeneration (Fletcher 2010). The risk of macular degeneration is two to three times higher in smokers (Kelly et al 2005 Neuner et al 2008, Kelly et al 2004, Lawrenson and Evans 2013) but can return to normal with smoking cessation (Neuner et al 2008). Thus, the literature review (Kelly et al 2005) indicated a strong association between smoking and the development of cataract, particularly nuclear cataract.

There is currently no coordinated programme of education to support stop smoking teams develop their knowledge of eye health and its relationship to visual impairment. This project will build on the local work carried out in 2012 during ‘Stoptober’ an NHS initiative to support people to stop smoking during the month of October when local eye health professionals supported the stop smoking team at Stoptober events.  At these events information and discussions were undertaken with the public and health promoters, it was clear from these events that the link between smoking and eye health was not well know by either group.  By the end of the sessions the stop smoking team were aware of the link but did not have detailed information they could pass on to the public.
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·         The College of Optometrists (2011) Britain’s Eye Health in Focus a study of consumer attitudes and behaviours towards eye health RCOpt, London.

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Short CVs of project team

    Liz Greenwood (Optometric Advisor, North Yorkshire and Humber Area Team of NHS England);  Liz Greenwood is an independent optometrist in Hull with an interest in promoting eye health and preventing visual impairment. She has studied an MSC module in ophthalmic public health and leadership and is a trained facilitator and mentor. She is the caretaker chair for the Local Eye Health Network which is working to develop integrated eye care services with an emphasis on maintaining healthy eyes and developing community services. She works nationally as an optical lead for the Local Optical Committee Support Unit (LOCSU) supporting Local Optical Committees to develop enhanced eye care services in the community. Liz was responsible for the first public health promotion in the Hull and East Yorks area devoted purely to eyes during eye health week in 2012 when the lack of knowledge on the link between eyes and smoking was highlighted.

                     Janet McDougall (Public Health Lead East Riding of Yorkshire Council)
      Qualifications: MSc (Healthcare Improvement and Leadership), BSc Health Studies, Registered Nurse (Mental Health) Commenced involvement in Public Health in 1999, investigating the promotion of mental health in older people. Went on to lead up a pre retirement pilot funded through the department of health ( one of 6 national pilots), this early work influenced the now NHS Health Check programme. Currently lead on the promotion of Older People's Health. Key areas of work involve Dementia awareness, Falls prevention, Reducing alcohol misuse in the ERY. Other areas include seasonal FLU raising public awareness and improving the take up among social care staff. 

Yvonne Needham (Senior Lecturer Faculty of Health and Social Care Hull University)
·         Qualifications: MSc Ophthalmic Nursing Practice  BSC (HONS) Nursing with Education Registered Nurse (General) Registered Practice Teacher. Yvonne is an Ophthalmic nurse with an interest in Public health. She sits on the eye health forum at the Department of Health ,is a member of the Vision 2020 public health group and a member of the Ophthalmic Clinical Council though her work with the RCN Ophthalmic Nursing Forum. Yvonne has had research grants to develop reusable learning objects to support inter-professional learning and a Faculty  research fellowship to undertake research in nursing homes to develop staffs knowledge to support the eye care of Clients .

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Publication by Nicola Credland

Nicola Creland
Nicola Credland has published:

Credland N (2013) Interpreting the Full Blood Count Dermatological Nursing 12:4 34-38

Dermatological Nursing is the journal of the British Dermatological Nursing Group.