Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Editorials by Mark Hayter and Roger Watson

Professors Mark Hayter and Roger Watson have - along with the Journal of Advanced Nursing editors - co-authored:

Pickler R, Noyes J, Perry L, Roe, B, Watson R, Hayter M (2014) Authors and readers beware the dark side of Open Access Journal of Advanced Nursing doi:10.1111/jan.12589

Watson R, Pickler R, Noyes J, Perry L, Roe B, Hayter M, Hueter I (2014) How many papers can be published from one study? Journal of Advanced Nursing doi:10.1111/jan.12600

Both of these are free to read and download on the Journal of Advanced Nursing website

Mark Hayter
Roger Watson

Friday, 19 December 2014

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Research grant for Dr Judith Dyson

Dr Judith Dyson has been awarded £10,877 by Bradford
Judith Dyson
Teaching Hospitals
for a study entitled:

Achieving Behaviour Change

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

New chapter by Julie Santy-Tomlinson

Julie Santy-Tomlinson has published the following chapter:
Julie Santy-Tomlinson

Santy-Tomlinson, J. and Clarke, S. (2014) An Introduction to Orthopaedic and Trauma Care, in Orthopaedic and trauma nursing: An evidence-based approach to musculoskeletal care (eds S. Clarke and J. Santy-Tomlinson), John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Chichester, UK. doi: 10.1002/9781118941263.ch1

Publication by ODP team

Rebecca Straughan and Deborah Robinson have published:
Rebecca Straughan

Straughan R, Robinson D (2014) Exploring the professional development of the ODP role ODP 2:7 352-355

Promotion for Dr Fiona Cowdell

Dr Fiona Cowdell has been promoted to Reader in the Faculty of Health and Social Care
Fiona Cowdell

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

New publication by Fiona Cowdell

Fiona Cowdell is first author on a Cochrane review protocol:
Dr Fiona Cowdell

Cowdell F, Jadotte YT, Ersser SJ, Danby S, Walton S, Lawton S, Roberts A, Gardiner E, Ware F, Cork C (2014) Hygeine and emollient interventions for maintaining skin integrity in older people in hospital and residential care settings The Cochrane Library doi: 10.1002/1465.CD01137

Conference presentations by final year DClinPsychol students

Leah Glover and Lauren Henshall, two final year Clinical Psychology Trainees, presented posters on their research at the 3rd International Conference on Compassion Focused Therapy in Birmingham last week.

Both research projects draw heavily on the theory of Compassion Focused Therapy developed by Professor Paul Gilbert in Derby and generated a lot of interest, for example Lauren was awarded 2nd prize in the Poster Competition.

Leah is exploring whether self-compassion moderates the relationship between self-blame and well-being in people diagnosed with cancer.
Lauren is exploring whether working in a threat based environment has a negative impact on health-workers’ ability to be compassionate for others; and whether this relationship can be moderated by self-compassion.

Monday, 1 December 2014