Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mark Hayter's visit to Singapore

Mark Hayter with staff and graduate students
at NUS with Professor Sally Chan on his left
Professor Mark Hayter was invited to visit the Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies (ALCNS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) between 25-30 March 2013.  The visit was hosted by the Head of the ALCNS, Professor Sally Chan, and was funded by NUS.  Professor Hayter gave lectures on Writing qualitative research papers and Promoting adolescent sexual health.  He also advised faculty on academic manuscripts and met with research teams to explore potential collaboration.  The ALCNS is situated in the leading medical school in Asia; NUS is ranked 28th in the QS World University Rankings and 2nd in Asia.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Roger Watson in Canada

Roger Watson with Kathleen Hunter (L) and
Wendy Duggleby (R)
Professor Roger Watson was invited to the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada as their Inaugural Visiting Nursing Scholar between 26-28 March 2013.  The visit was funded  by the Faculty of Nursing and hosted by Professor Wendy Duggleby and Associate Professor Kathleen Hunter.  Professor Watson gave one lecture on research into the assessment and alleviation of feeding difficulty in older people with dementia at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital which was linked to 45 other telehealth centres in Canada.  He also gave two sessions to staff and students on social networking and scholarship and mentorship and career development in addition to two question and answer sessions to Master of Nursing students.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Interprofessional Services Centre (ISC) for children, young people and their families

The ISC held its annual conference on the 16th March 2013 entitled Development Matters and so do you. This multi agency event celebrated the unique needs of children under the age of 5 and offered delegates the opportunity to network with practitioners from health, education, social work, voluntary and independent sectors. The key note speeches by Professor
Elizabeth Wood 2nd Right and John Oates right with conference organisers
Elizabeth Wood and John Oates gave delegates a sound insight into the current challenges for all practitioners working in early years and also explored the newly launched Early Support Development Journal. The interactive workshops in the afternoon enabled practitioners to enhance the ways in which they support children and their families with a wide range of practical strategies to use in settings. Financial support for the day was provided for students from further and higher education via the University of Hull’s Widening Participation funds which made the event accessible to a wide range of students and many commented how much this was appreciated. Evaluations from the event were excellent and many delegates are already asking when is the next conference!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Associate Practitioner programme

Sue Hannigan BSC MSc RN RM Frame Work Lead for Level 4 & 5 provision says:

Professor Roger Watson opened the day with a keynote speech at the launch of the proposed Associate Practitioner programme which took place on 4 March 2013 at the University of Hull. This event was hosted by the Faculty of Health and Social Care. Roger discussed the importance of fundamental care and the need for NHS leaders to consider this new programme which would create a non-registered practitioner who would have both an academic  and practical qualification in care giving. He discussed the good reputation of the NHS in relation to the countries he has connections with in his capacity as visiting professor.  He mentioned the significance of the Francis report and the need for health care practitioners to be smarter and adaptable to the needs of patients within the NHS family. His speech was well evaluated by the ten members of the faculty who were present and the 60 representatives from practice which included operational managers from mental health, learning disability teams, acute nursing, community nursing, operating department practitioner’s, child health and social care services. There were also presentations from Dave King lead in Mental Health and Mike Kitching Community Practice Teacher who had both acted as Practice Supporters for the previous Foundation Degree in Community Health.  These presenters gave an overview of their experiences in supporting students in becoming Associate Practitioners within their specialist teams.  Presentations from previous students  ensued they gave an account of their roles as associate practitioners these presentations were well received by the audience and led to group discussion on the development and value of Associate Practitioners in the workplace , allowing us at the Faculty to take the next step on validating of the programme.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Honour Society of Nursing meet in Hull

The Faculty of Health and Social Care recently hosted a meeting of the English chapter of the Honour Society of Nursing.  Honour societies exist to recognize and celebrate excellence in scholarship.  In the United States, the home of honour societies, membership is seen as a badge of academic and professional excellence to be granted only to the most able graduates and gives a career advantage.  Honour societies are less well known in the UK and I suspect that many people will be puzzled by the Greek names they carry.  The nursing honour society is known as Sigma Theta Tau, and the English chapter is Phi Mu.  Another cultural difference is that North American midwives seem quite content to come under the professional umbrella of nursing.  Their UKcounterparts may take a different view!  The English chapter, based at Bournemouth University, is still quite a small organization, though it has several eminent members including Dame Betty Kershaw former president of the Royal College of Nursing and former Dean and Professor of Nursing at Sheffield University.

The highlight of the day came with scholarly presentations by Professor Roger Watson and Professor Kate Galvin.  Roger’s paper ‘Nursing Leadership Style or Substance’ was a robust and trenchant critique of the national leadership of nursing (or lack of it) in the UK profession and explored the roles of the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the Royal College of Nursing, and the Council of Deans of Health.  Kate’s paper discussed the question ‘What does humanising care mean’?  Her answers to this question reflected many years of empirically and philosophically grounded research into ways of preventing the de-humanisation of older people and others who are dependent on healthcare.  The presentations stimulated a passionate debate between the presenters, faculty staff and visiting colleagues, who recognised that both leadership and strategies to humanise care are essential as the profession responds to the challenge of the Francis Report.

The day had begun with a closed business meeting of Phi Mu, chaired by Professor Elizabeth Rosser.  As a recent recruit to the organisation I was interested to learn that it is seeking to extend its influence in the UK nursing scene.  A conference is to be held in June at which new members will be inducted, and scholarly papers read.  As I reflected on the day I was encouraged to have spent the day with a group of people who clearly value excellence in scholarship, and seek to promote these values in the next generation of professionals.  Another very valuable aspect of the Honour Society’s work is that it is an international organisation with a growing European presence.

If you would like to find out more about Phi Mu, the English chapter of the Honour Society of Nursing, go to, or speak to myself, Roger Watson, Kate Galvin or Steve Ersser, all of whom are members.

Peter Draper

Monday, 4 March 2013

Scholarship March [2013]

Parveen Ali published:

Ali PA, Naylor PB (2013) Intimate partner violence: a narrative review of the biological and psychological explanations for its causation Aggression and Violent Behavior doi:

Steve Ersser published:

Santer M, Burgess H, Yardley L, Ersser SJ, Lewis-Jones S, Muller I (2013) Managing childhood eczema: qualitative study exploring carers' experiences of barriers and facilitators to treatment adherence Journal of Advanced Nursing  doi: 10.1111/jan.12133

Mark Hayter and Roger Watson published:

Choo TS, Hayter M, Watson R (2013) The effectiveness of nutritional intervention(s) and the treatment  of pressure ulcers-a systematic literature review International Journal of Nursing Practice 19 (Suppl. 1), 19-27

Roger says: this study was carried out by our masters student at the University of Sheffield, Jimmy Choo, who works in Leeds General Infirmary; it shows the value of conducting rigorous systematic reviews at masters level.  The paper is published it the supplement to IJNP called Journal of Nursing Interventions which is edited by Professor Sally Chan from National University of Singapore.
Jane Wray published:

Wray J (2103) Editorial: The impact of the financial crisis on nurses and nursing Journal of Advanced Nursing 69, 497-499

Please note: this Editorial is free to view and download.