Thursday, 30 April 2015

Deborah Robinson presents on Pebblepad

Deborah Robison presented:
Deborah Robinson

'University of Hull student feedback thus far' at the Pebblepad North of England Forum at the University of Bradford.

Pebblepad is an interactive tool for teaching and learning.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

New publication by Julie Jomeen

Julie Jomeen has co-authored:
Professor Julie Jomeen

McKenzie-McHarg K, Ayers S, Forde E, Horsch A, Jomeen J, Sawyer A, Stramrood C, Thomson G, Slade P (2015) Post-traumatic stress disorder following childbirth: an update of current issues and recommendations for future research Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hull research into intimate partner violence presented at RCN Research Conference

Intimate Partner Violence: Exploring the Perspective of Practitioners Dealing with IPV Victims from Muslim Community
Dr Parveen Ali (University of Sheffield)
presenting the poster

Collaborator: Dr Parveen Ali (University of Sheffield), Professor Julie Jomeen (University of Hull) and Ms. Yvonne Wilkinson (University of Hull) Funded by the Ferens Trust

This study sought to explore perspectives of practitioners dealing with the issues of IPV within Muslim community, in a city in the North of England. The study explored the practitioners’ perceptions of the factors considered to produce IPV in this community, and ways through which culturally sensitive services can be provided. One key outcome of the study was the development of appropriate strategies to support IPV victims in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner.

New publications by Jennifer Loke

Jennifer Loke has co-authored:
Dr Jennifer Loke

Julie Macdonald is going to Taiwan

Julie Macdonald is going to Taipei to present a poster at the 11th Asia Pacific Hospice Conference 30th April
Julie Macdonald
-3rd May 2015 at the Taipei  International Convention Centre Taiwan.

The presentation is:

Macdonald J and Barrett D  (2015) Companion animals and well-being in palliative care. 

Julie received funding from the Faculty and the Open University.

New article by Julie Jomeen

Julie Jomeen has co-authored:
Professor Julie Jomeen
Dean of Faculty

Wyatt C, Murray C, Davies J, Jomeen J (2015) Postpartum psychosis and relationships: their mutual influence from the perspective of women and significant others Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology doi: 10.1080/0264838.2015.1027181

The RCN International Research Conference 2015 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham 20-22 April 2015 – Jane Wray, Research Fellow

It has been an active and packed conference programme at the RCN research conference this year which started with a fascinating keynote on ‘Invisible Care in Soulless factories: the challenges of humanising healthcare for patients and nurses’ by Professor Jill Maben (Kings College London). #
Jane presenting her paper

I also got the opportunity to present the first paper from my PhD entitled “Why undertake pilot work in a qualitative PhD study? Lessons learnt to promote success’ on day two of the conference. I got some really helpful comments from those in attendance and positive encouragement to get my pilot study published. I finished up on day two by seeing Professor Roger Watson present ‘To measure is to know’ as part of a symposium on ‘Big Data: opportunities and challenges for nursing’.
Professor Joanna Latimers’ keynote first thing Wednesday morning was a fascinating insight into the challenges for nurses working within a complex organisational system such as the NHS and how legitimate nursing skills have been devalued by the system and the profession.

You can following all the conference tweets on #research2015 and the 2016 conference will take place in Edinburgh on 6-8 April so make a note of the date.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Publication and workshop by Jacquie White

Jacquie White has co-authored:
Jacquie White

The Health Improvement Profile: A manual to promote physical wellbeing in people with severe mental illness
ISBN: 9781905539918
April 2015 • M&K Publishing • 104pp • £20.00
Dr Sheila Hardy, Senior Research Fellow, Northamptonshire
Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust; Jacquie White, Deputy Head,
Department of Psychological Health and Wellbeing, University of
Hull; Professor Richard J Gray, Leads a multidisciplinary Health Services Research group in Doha, Qatar

This practical guide, written by experts in mental health nursing, is designed to support
healthcare practitioners in checking the physical health of people with severe mental illness

Jacquie is also facilitating a workshop on campus on 5 May that can be booked and attended for free for NHS staff from Yorkshire and Humber via the UoH Online Shop at  (via events and conferences.Hull Campus>FHSC) or direct: 

Interview with Claire Sloan and colleagues on masculinity research

Dr Claire Sloan
Claire Sloan and colleagues were interviewed by the Society for the Psychology Study of Men and Masculinity about their recent paper:

Sloan C, Conner M, Gough B (2015) How does masculinity impact on health? A quantitative study of masculinity and health behavior in a sample of UK men and women Psychology of Men & Masculinity 16 206-217

Thursday, 16 April 2015

New book chapters by Kate Galvin

Kate Galvin has authored and co-authored chapter in:
Professor Kate Galvin

Gerrish K, Lathlean J (2015) The Research Process in Nursing Wiley, Oxford

The authored chapter is on phenomenology and the two co-authored chapters are on ethnography and grounded theory.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Friday, 3 April 2015

Nursing Times article on NMC code on social media

Roger Watson has co-authored with Calvin Morley Senior Lecturer, Adult Nursing Faculty of Health and Social Care London South Bank University in Nursing Times.

Sue Jolley quoted in Nursing Standard

Sue Jolley
Sue Jolley, Lecturer in Paediatric Nursing was quoted in Nursing Standard last week.  In an article titled: 'Spiritual connections' published on 1 April 2015 (Volume 29:31 page 66) about on of our third-year mental health nursing student Rachael Rouse who became a ‘willing guinea pig’ for a new teaching module and decided to volunteer for an eight-day placement , Sue was quoted as saying: '  jumped at this opportunity for our student nurses to gain insight into patients’ spiritual needs'.