Friday, 16 May 2014

Mental Health Awareness Week

Thanks to Beverley Leak, Annette Schlosser, Ian Barkley and the students and service users in the Department of Psychological Health and Well-being for their current promotional activities this week for Mental Health Awareness week.

They report on events as follows:

Mental Health Awareness Week last week saw an elephant invading Hull’s Wyke College campus...!

Courtesy of Wyke’s Colin Walden and a rather large university van Mental Health students Mark, Romie and Meg along with lecturer Ian took the 'Elephant on campus' into the splendid and welcoming lobby of the local sixth form college. 

The theme for this year’s Mental Health  Awareness Week was Anxiety...with it being Exam time at Wyke who could say they weren’t at least a little nervous?  'Mental health is often the elephant in the room that nobody talks about, we wanted to raise awareness by handing out leaflets and talking to people, as well as signposting people to excellent courses in the Faculty and challenging and rewarding potential careers.
We invited people to post comments on the elephant – two of the comments sum up our purpose in being there...'

·        ' Mental health can help many people with any problem, and both listening and talking skills are needed. I am really considering it...'

·         'Mental health is vitally important to the wellbeing of society'

The Elephant at Wyke was just one site in a range of venues that colleagues from Clinical Psychology and HOLD (Helping Others Learn and Develop) visited during the week. GP surgeries and even Staff House on the University Campus experienced a presence...Look out for us next year! 

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