Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Uganda blog 4 February 2015 Entry 2

Day 12 Physiotherapy (Alice and Sophie))

Today we spent the day with physiotherapy. We arrived at 8am to find that the physiotherapist did not start until 9.30 am so we decided to go to a nurses' meeting. We found this very empowering and inspirational as the modern matron discussed nurses being the backbone of medicine and that it was the era of assertiveness, hand hygiene, infection control and standing up for nurses views regardless of hierarchical traditions. However there was a lot of opposition to this as they felt cleaning was a demotion and if they stood up to doctors they would be ridiculed. The modern matron was all for research into infection control, emphasising the need to change and greater nurse involvement.

After the meeting we ventured to the private ward which was like entering another world, within metres from the general wards. Patients had privacy and dignity, with windows covered and curtains around every bed. There was locked cupboards by each bed and a sink in each room. There was a lot less patients and in general better facilities with Infection Control at it's best. We could not believe that this was the same hospital and it was a stark reminder of just how little people have in the main hospital with the cost being only £9 a night. 

When we returned to physiotherapy we saw that hot water bottles were commonly used to treat back pain. Privacy and dignity was maintained throughout with curtains separating areas. We saw a massage called a Mackenzie and some arm exercises for post operative muscle weakness, this was very interesting to see. They hold a neurodevelopmental session on Wednesday for people with disabilities to attend; it is good that this was including however felt it may further exclude people from being included and accepted. 

Tomorrow we will spend some time on the medical ward which will mark the end of our enlightening, challenging and amazing hospital journey. 

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