Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Uganda blog 4 February 2015 Entry 5

Day 6 Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation (Jayne Fleming & Nicola Froud)

Today we spent time in the physiotherapy outpatients clinic. We were immediately struck by the level of standards within the small unit. Screens were provided for privacy and there seemed to be an extensive range of equipment. Although the equipment seemed dated it was more than adequate to assist the physiotherapist to do her job. The unit was clean and well maintained with a locked filing cabinet and hand washing facilities which were used between each patient.

We were amused to see that most patients treatments included heating the affected areas with hot water bottles for a length of time before massage or exercise. The staff were very sensitive to their patients needs showing dignity and respect which were often lacking on other wards due to understaffing and lack of facilities. Although Learning Disability is barely recognised in Uganda it was encouraging to see a planned physiotherapy session for neuro development clinic...sadly our time at Mbarara Hospital has now come to an end and will be an experience we will never forget. We thank the staff and patients for allowing us the whistle stop tour of a developing countries healthcare system. Let's hope our journey home is a little less eventful than our journey here.

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