Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Q community is growing!

Lizzie Ette, Lecturer in Nursing, The University of Hull

You may have heard of Q – it is an initiative being led by the Health Foundation in partnership with NHS Improvement. 

Through Q, people who have improvement expertise are coming together to form a community – sharing ideas, enhancing skills and collaborating to make health and care better. I successfully applied to join the community. I needed to demonstrate knowledge in, experience of and commitment to collaborative improvement. I will be joining 1,352 others from across the UK – including those at the frontline of care, managers, researchers, commissioners, policymakers and more.

It is hoped that by bringing together such a broad range of people working in health and care improvement, Q can be a vibrant source of innovation and practical problem solving for the system as a whole. Over the coming months, I’ll be getting involved in different ways to connect, share and collaborate on improvement challenges with others in the community. I will keep you in the loop about the different things I learn through Q and the connections I make. There will be more opportunities for others to join. To find out more I recommend visiting the Q website.

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