Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Good news from Uganda

Nicki Credland writes:

During a visit to Mburara in Uganda in March 2014 I met a “nurse” named Harriet. She was extremely bright but with no formal training. She was the only nurse on the intensive care unit overnight to care for 8 patients. She wanted to do her nurse training at the nearby Mburara University of Science and Technology but could not afford the fees. She made such an impression on me that, on my return to the UK, I decided to undertake a number of fundraising ventures to pay the £3000 fees for her.

With the help of the Lions, British Association of Critical Care, coffee mornings, a “Sober for October” sponsored event and other donations the fees were raised and Harriet started her training in September 2014.

Harriet has just qualified. We have kept in tough throughout her training and in a recent email she said that completing her nurse training had “changed her life”.

I would like to extend a massive thank you to all those who helped with this venture. Both Harriet and myself are hugely grateful.

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