Wednesday, 21 June 2017

New book with chapter by Julie Jomeen

Psychosocial Resilience and Risk in the Perinatal Period: Implications and Guidance for Professionals

Edited by Gill Thomson, University of Central Lancashire,
UK and Virginia Schmied, University of Western Sydney,

Drawing on psychosocial perspectives, this book considers the underlying risk factors that create situations of vulnerability and marginalisation for mothers, from their baby‘s conception up to a year after birth. It identifies the protective factors - whether at an individual, family, community or service level – that can mitigate against adverse outcomes and it highlights promising evidence-based interventions. With its focus on social and cultural diversity as well as complex needs, this is an excellent overview for students and practitioners alike, featuring the latest research findings, illustrations of exemplary care, and emphasis on implications for practice.

Foreword by Soo Downe
1. Introducing the s and focus Virginia Schmied and Gill Thomson
2. Women with a diagnosed mental health problem Julie Jomeen, Susan E. Fleming and Colin R. Martin
3. Asylum seekers and refugees. A cross European perspective Marie-Clare Balaam, Mel Cooper, Dineke Korfker and Charles Savona-Ventura
4. Working with Indigenous families Donna Hartz and Leona McGrath
5. Lesbian women becoming mothers Brenda Hayman
6. Women with a disability, transition to motherhood and the self Denise Lawler
7. Domestic and family violence Angela Taft and Leesa Hooker
8. Maternal substance use in the perinatal period Lucinda Burns, Victoria Coleman-Cowger and Courtney Breen
9. Women who are incarcerated Cathrine Fowler and Chris Rossiter
10. Giving birth earlier than expected. Mothers whose newborn requires neonatal intensive care Nancy Feeley
11. The ripple effects of a traumatic birth. Risk, impact and implications for practice Gill Thomson, Cheryl Beck and Susan Ayers
12. Reproductive loss and grief Hannah Dahlen
13. Resilience and sustainability amongst maternity care providers Susan Crowther
14. Interprofessional collaboration. A crucial component of support for women and families in the perinatal period Kim Psaila and Virginia Schmied
15. Drawing the threads together Gill Thomson and Virginia Schmied

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