Wednesday, 28 October 2015

News from Antipodean Pete

Peter Draper writes:

Greetings from ISSOTL15: the conference of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, held this year in Melbourne.
Peter makes a friend
Not everyone is asleep

I spent the first three days of my trip at a writing workshop.  I am working with geographers, teacher educators and other health professionals to write a paper on the scholarship of placement-based education, with a focus on the students’ experiences.  We are doing a systematic literature review (guess whose idea that was) seeking evidence from the student’s perspective, leading to an international, interdisciplinary paper.

The conference proper started on Tuesday evening.  This morning I gave a paper with Professor Patrick Crookes from Wollongong University.  Our title was ‘Leading Learning and the Scholarship of Change’.  We had a good turnout.  Check out the picture – the guy on the front row was clean-shaven when we started to speak!

The conference is being held at RMIT – the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.  It’s a fantastic place, but don’t come here if you suffer from migraine.  The inside of the main auditorium is decked out in a tasteful blend of mint green and plum.  I hope they’ve got a different interior designer for the Middleton Hall.  It’s surprising how many people you know at these things.  I had a chat with Professor Tina Overton who left Hull’s chemistry department a year ago for a job in Melbourne. 

Tonight I will attend an international meeting for National Teaching Fellows, then off for a beer and a burger with friends from Manchester Metropolitan University.

I’ll be in touch again soon


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