Friday, 16 October 2015

Murad A Sawalha - PhD student

I am a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of Hull, now in the final stage of my PhD which employed a qualitative approach to understand the factors influencing compliance with standard precautions among paediatric nurses. My study supervisors are Dr Jeremy Jolley and Dr Mary Laurenson.

I am a registered nurse in Jordan, since 2002. I holds a Bachelor of Nursing Science and Master of Clinical Nursing (Critical Care) from the University of Jordan. Following a career in paediatric intensive care nursing for four years, I moved into the field of clinical research in 2006. In 2007, I moved to Saudi Arabia to work as a nursing lecturer at King Saud University. In this position, I had achieved my career goal in educating nursing students and being involved in several research projects. In 2012, I moved to the UK to undertake my PhD in Nursing Studies at the University of Hull.

During My study I have presented my research project in many conferences:

  • Infection Prevention Conference in London, 2013 (poster presentation) which was fully funded by both the Faculty of Health and Social Care and Graduate School.
  • Infection Prevention Conference in Glasgow, 2014 (poster presentation), I got a bursary for the conference fees from the Infection Prevention Society, and the Faculty of Health and Social Care funded the accommodation and travel.
  • 4th European Doctoral Conference in Nursing Science (EDCNS) in Maastricht, Netherlands, 2014 (oral presentation), and this conference was partially funded from the Faculty of Health and Social Care.
  • 15th EDCNS conference in Graz, Austria, 2015 (oral presentation), and this conference was partially funded from the Faculty of Health and Social Care.
  • Guest speaker in the infection prevention conference in Liverpool in addition to poster walk presentation on plasma TV view, 2015. I got funds from the Infection Prevention Society to cover the conference fees, and from the faculty of health and social care to cover the accommodation; here is my conference profile.
  • I will be a keynote speaker for 8th National Aseptic Non-touch Technique Conference which will be held in London in October 2015. I will talk about improving compliance to ANTT by understanding health care and health care workers.
  • Also, I presented in four PhD conferences in the University of Hull, and I got the best poster presentation in 2014 , and third place in 2015.

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