Thursday, 1 October 2015

New research report from Faculty-led project

Mary Laurenson led a research team, including:
Dr Mary Laurenson
Principal Investigator

Dr Carole Wright (PhD), Independent Research Associate
Hannah Degge (PhD Student)
Shelagh Marshall OBE (Chair) & Joanne Volpe (Administrator)
Future Years (Yorkshire and Humber) Forum on Ageing

who have just published:

Concessionary Fare Schemes: A study evaluating the social value of transport needs for older people

In the Executive Summary they conclude:

Our survey showed that for a significant number of respondents public transport was their preferred choice of transport, and for some, it was often their primary or only option. Concessionary bus passes were highly beneficial, and the vast majority of respondents valued, and utilised them in many aspects of their lives. They were central in maintaining physical and mental health, and for alleviating the strain on NHS resources. They were also important for maintaining wellbeing, independence and combatting isolation. However, the infrequency of public transport, meant it could not be relied upon as a source of daily transportation. As the numbers of older people increase, so will the need for good transport services and concessionary travel. Older people add to the economy in terms of consumer retail contributions, as well as contributing to the voluntary sector, for which a bus pass to enable travel is an essential component.

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