Sunday, 7 September 2014

Deborah and Julie's Oman blog - final entry

We arrived home safely, after little sleep the night preceding our departure and a 22 hour journey we were both pretty tired when we finally arrived home. We've learnt a great deal about the hospital and the nursing staff in Oman.
Deborah in action

There's a long term plan to increase the Omani workforce and decrease reliance on overseas staff, a process  referred to as "Omanisation" This means over the coming years increasing numbers of  post registration nurses will be travelling overseas for educational programmes. The Nursing Directorate don't seem to have any particular alliance to a specific country or institution and send their staff all over the world for "training" (shorter courses) and "scholarship" (MSc, BSc, PhD). This is potentially a great opportunity for the Faculty. The Nursing Directorate are also keen to receive visitors.
Most of the audience are
still awake

The acting head nurse (Daniel) explained they'd recently organised a visit from a neonatal specialist nurse from Nottingham. She stayed for a month and during this time she worked with the clinical staff on practice issues and organised formal teaching about cinical leadership and management. The nursing team are keen to increase these sorts of visits.  When we get back and marking is finished we'll organise some sort of presentation about our Oman adventure. We'll just sign off with a couple of pictures of the workshop.

The pictures were taken by one of  the ICU staff members and not us  which is why they are quite good quality for a change! Also attached are a couple of pictures of the grand mosque and another newly built mosque (white building) they are quite beautifull. Unfortunately we didn't get to see inside the buildings as they were only open to visitors during our working hours. 

Deborah and Julie

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