Thursday, 4 September 2014

Deborah and Julie's Oman blog - entry 5

Last day today we were asked to give some semi formal feedback about our visit and "findings". This is to be followed up with a more formal report when we return home. Here is a picture of us both with most of the nursing  directorate  team.
The room was quite dark apologies  for the quality. We've tried to get some sleep this afternoon as the taxi is booked for 1.30am to begin the gruelling journey back home. Bedrah (one of the ICU nurses) gave me some pictures he took during yesterdays workshop they are quite funny as I'm gesticulating like mad. Unfortunately these are on another device and I've only been able to get WIFI on my phone so I couldn't send them through, or perhaps I'll just keep them to myself! One of the students coming to us later on this month couldn't make our presentation earlier on in the week. We were able to speak to him today. Julie spent most time with him discussing practice issues. Although we've both enjoyed our visit we are pretty tired and  looking forward to coming home.

Deborah and Julie 

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