Monday, 1 September 2014

Deborah and Julie's Oman blog - entry 3

Monday -  weather still hot 42 degrees today.

Various visits today to various important people (directors), all very pleasant, all with business cards, we both felt a bit lacking in this department as we didn't have any to give in return.

Chance to see the room I'll be teaching in on Wednesday. Our presentation to potential students went well, a very good idea to have one person from the faculty and one from practice. Lots of questions asked. I hope we managed to do a good job and make both the University and Hull sound appealing. Yesterday evening we were taken to see a few of the sites.
The harbour

In the picture of the harbour, the very large boat is the Sultan's yacht, the other picture is of the marina which is a little further up the coast. I countered these views with a picture of Hull marina in my presentation - not quite sure what the potential students made of this. I showed a couple of pictures of Hull city football team and several of the chaps at the presentation recognised one of the players and knew a bit about the team. One of the directors even told us Sunday's score!  A day in practice tomorrow.
The marina

Big news is we've discovered BBC world news on the TV and very importantly they have hourly weather forecasts for this part of the world, you never know when  you might need a thick woollen jumper in Oman. Even though it's delivered in typical BBC style the forecast is highly amusing and very reminiscent of Carolline Aherne's weather girl in The Fast Show: 'Scorchio!'

Deborah and Julie

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