Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Nicola Credland's Uganda diary - entry 2

I have had the most amazing, emotional, eye opening day today. I have been to the local Christian orphanage, Divine Mercy. Children from birth to 16 are cared for here, usually coming from homes where parents have HIV/TB/typhoid, are very poor or who simply do not want them. Most of the children are under 6 years including a 1-week old baby girl. First impressions...the children are so happy! They have nothing except each other, no one who loves them, clothes that are dirty, falling apart and they all have to share, they have a very basic diet and little stimulation apart from the morning spent in school (forget iphones, ipads and ipods). I spent the morning helping in an English class - they thought it was amazing I was actually from England. I took my camera and showed them how to take pictures and a short video which they had clearly never seen before. We drew some pictures of their school which they held up proudly to be photographed. We did some singing and dancing which I videoed and played back to them. The wonder in their eyes was truly heartbreaking.  
My caring nature as a nurse and my instincts as a mother well and truly got the better of me.  They are without money, families, and a proper education but they are probably the happiest group of children I have ever me. Who got the most from the visit? - me probably (I cried leaving them all - and am again writing this). Without exception, ALL of our student nurses visiting Mburara should visit Divine Mercy. We have so much to learn from these children.

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