Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Nicola Credland's Uganda blog - entry 6

I spent today teaching airway management, intubation and invasive ventilation to the nursing students. Again they are so excited to learn. I took some airway equipment with me from the UK which I showed in class. Most of the students have never seen these items before, or had but did not know what they were for. They were even taking pictures of the ET tubes and LMA’s so they remembered them in the future. They are so bright. The pathophysiology of invasive ventilation is not easy but they asked appropriate questions and got to grips with some complicated concepts (remember most these students have never seen a patient on a ventilator). The sessions were an absolute pleasure to teach although the power went off half way through so I had to revert to blackboard and chalk!  I am very passionate about my subject and to teach students with equal (if not more) passion and enthusiasm is infectious! I had a fantastic time. 
The students in the picture are the nursing students to whom I have been teaching critical care.

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  1. Nicki, I have just read your entire blog so far, I do not have dry eyes, your blog is very moving and incredible. I think you are doing a wonderful job. Amanda C Goode