Thursday, 20 March 2014

Annual Report extract - Publications

Staff were asked to nominate their best paper for the year:

Alderdice F, Ayers S, Darwin Z, Green J, Jomeen J, Kenyon S, Martin CR, Neham JJ, Redshaw M, Savage-McGlynn E, Walsh J (2013) Measuring psychological health in the perinatal period Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology 31, 431-438

Ali, PA Naylor PB Intimate partner violence: A narrative review of the biological and psychological explanations for its causation Aggression and Violent Behavior 18 373-382

Barrett D (2013) Effectiveness of a telehealth and telecare learning resource within an undergraduate nursing curriculum Journal of the International Society of Telemedicine and eHealth 1, 12-18

Batten G, Oakes P M, Alexander T. (2013) Factors Associated With Social Interactions Between Deaf Children and Their Hearing Peers: A Systematic Literature Review The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education doi:10.1093/deafed/ent052

Bell ER, Glover L, Alexander T (2013) An exploration of pregnant teenagers’ views of the future and their decisions to continue or terminate their pregnancy: implications for nursing care Journal of Clinical Nursing doi:10.1111/jocn.12431

Cheney G, Schlösser A, Nash P, Glover L (2013) Targeted group-based interventions in schools to promote emotional well-being: a systematic review Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry doi:10.1177/1359104513489565

Cowdell F, Ersser S, Gradwell C, Langford A 2012 The development, validity, reliability and field testing of the Person-Centred Dermatology Self-Care Index Archives of Dermatology 148, 1251-1256
Credland N (2013) Non-invasive ventilation in COPD exacerbations Nursing Times 109(36), 16-21

Cutler L, Hayter M, Ryan T (2013) A critical review and synthesis of qualitative research on patient experiences of critical illness Intensive and Critical Care Nursing 29, 147-157

Holloway M, Adamson S, Argyrou V, Draper P, Mariau D (2013) “Funerals aren’t nice but it couldn’t have been nicer”. The makings of a good funeral Mortality: Promoting the
interdisciplinary study of death and dying 18, 30-53

Draper PR, Wray J and Burley S (2013) Exploring Nurses’ Use of Language with Older People Nursing Older People 25 (9) pp. 18-23

Dyson J, Lawton R, Jackson C, Cheater F (2013) Development of a theory-based instrument to identify barriers and levers to best hand hygiene practice among healthcare practitioners Implementation Sciencedoi:10.1186/1748-5908-8-11

Ersser S, Farassat H, Jackson K, Dennis H, Sheppard Z, More A (2013) A service evaluation of the Eczema Education Programme: an analysis of child, parent, and service impact outcomes British Journal of Dermatology 169, 629-636

Fox C, Chew GC, Maidment I, Wolverson E, Hilton A (2014) Dementia-present and future therapeutic options In Foster C, Herring J, Doron I (Eds) Dementia law and ethics Hart, Oxford

Galvin KT, Todres L (2013) Caring and Wellbeing: A Lifeworld Approach Routledge, London

Gretton M, Lazenby B (2013) Grandma, Remember me: drama in nurse education Journal of Dementia Care 21:6, 24-27

Grubb P (2013) Setting the landscape for a study of academic and creative writing techniques as an aid to professional development of healthcare professionals Journal Of Practice Teaching & Learning 12, 53-69

Handley E, Hutchinson N (2013). The Experience of carers Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilities through the Process of Bereavement: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities 26, 186-194

Hanson C, Clarke C (2013) Is expressed emotion related to estimates of ability made by older people with cognitive impairments and their partners? Aging and Mental Health 17, 535-543

Hewson V, Wray J (2012) Are the dental health needs of adults with illegal drug dependence being met by current service provision in the United Kingdom? Journal of Addictions Nursing 23, 191-199

Jeffrey P (2013) First job interviews: preparation is the key The Journal of Operating Department Practice 4:4, 15

Jolley J (2013). Introducing research and evidence based practice for nursing and healthcare professionals Pearson, Harlow

Jones C, Jomeen J, Oghuebi O (2013) A preliminary survey of the use of complementary and alternative medicines in childbearing women Evidence Based Midwifery 11, 128-131

Kelly J (2013) Is medical ethics in armed conflict identical to medical ethics in times of peace? Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Layton H (2013) Commentary on Zhang J, While AE, Norman IJ (2012) Development and testing of an instrument to assess nurses' knowledge, risk perception, health beliefs and behaviours related to influenza vaccination Journal of Clinical Nursing 21, 2636-2646 Journal of Clinical Nursing 23, 296-297

Likupe G, Archibong UE (2013) Black African Nurses’ Experiences of Equality, Racism, and Discrimination in the National Health Service Journal of Psychological issues and Organizational Culture 3 (s1), 227-246

Loke JC-F, Colquhoun D, Lee KW (2013) A glimpse into nursing discursive behaviour in interprofessional online learning Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 3, 67-69

Mackintosh-Franklin C (2013) Registered nurses' personal responses to postoperative pain: a descriptive qualitative study Pain Management Nursing doi:10.1016/j.pmn.2013.03.001

Mills J, Frizelle D, Been S (2013) BACPR Standards and core components of cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation: A guide to the evidence and effective implementation In Cardioproterctive Therapies; Cardioprotective Medication, Implantable Devices Wiley, Oxford

Morton N (2013) Non-invasive ventilation in COPD exacerbations Nursing Times 109:356, 18-21

Ogbuehi O (2013) Commentary on Kaunonen M, Hannula L and Tarkka M-T (2012) A systematic review of peer support interventions for breastfeeding. Journal of Clinical Nursing 21, 1943–1954  Journal of Clinical Nursing 22, 1786–1787

Rainforth M , Laurenson M (2013) A literature review of Case Formulation to inform mental health practice Mental Health Nursing doi:10.1111/jpm.1206

Schoenleber M, Wadhawan J, Singh R, Shields L, Greenman J, Elliott B (2013) Random Arrays of Vitamin K1 Modified Electrodes for pH Sensing, Faraday Conference 2013, University of Durham UK

Sherratt A, Skinn E, Gardiner A (2013) Gastrointestinal cancers: an update for nurses Nursing & Residential Care 15, 206-209

Smith L (2012) Opthalmia neonatorum: a modern problem International Journal of Ophthalmic Practice 3, 162-165

Tame S (2013) The effect of continuing professional education on perioperative nurses' relationships with medical staff: findings from a qualitative study Journal of Advanced Nursing 69, 817-827

Watson R, Chen Y, Ip MYK, Smith GD, Wong TSK, Deary IJ (2013) The structure of stress: confirmatory factor analysis of a Chinese version of the stressors in Nursing Students Scale (SINS) Nurse Education Today 33, 160-165

Fox C, Maidment I, Moniz-Cook E, White J, Thyrian JR, Young J, Kationa C, Chew-Graham CA (2013) Optimising primary care for dementia Mental Health in Family Medicine 10, 143-151

Whitfield C, Jomeen J, Hayter M, Gardiner E (2013) Sexual health information seeking: a survey of adolescent practices Journal of clinical nursing 22, 3259-3269

Wilkes Z (2012) A framework to support practice teachers in the assessment process Community Practitioner 84(12), 24-27

Wilkinson Y (2013) Commentary on Ronen T, Hamama L and Rosenbaum M (2012)
Enuresis – children’s predictions of their treatment’s progress and outcomes. Journal of Clinical Nursing 22, 222–232

Wright C, Coad J, Morgan S, Stark D, Cable M (2013) ‘Just in Case’: Understanding the Fertility Information Needs of Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology. doi: 10.1111/ecc.12137

Zhang JF, Goode KM, Rigby A, Balk AHM, Cleland JG  & TEN-HMS Investigators (2013) Identifying patients at risk of death or hospitalisation due to worsening heart failure using decision tree analysis: Evidence from the Trans-European Network-Home-Care Management System (TEN-HMS) Study International Journal of Cardiology 163, 149-156

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