Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Schools visit Biomedical Sciences

On Friday 24th March two schools visited the Biomedical Science subject group  for a Forensic Science taster session. The students learnt about the usefulness of a Forensic Science degree due to its application of many different sciences to answer the questions posed by the legal system. To this end students analysed their own hair and hair casts using clear nail varnish and microscope slides. And they analysed their fingerprints, which are unique to every individual even identical twins. David Stamper, Associate Assistant Head of Headlands School in Bridlington wrote “Can I just pass on my thanks for a great day. We all really enjoyed it and the students got a great deal out of it.”

Amy Newton, the Schools and Colleges Liaison Service wrote, “I just want to say a huge thank you for organising and leading the Forensic Science sessions on today’s school visits. The students appeared very engaged and I received a lot of positive verbal feedback about the session from both staff and students on their return to the coaches. I also really enjoyed the session! Thank you once again …”

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