Friday, 31 March 2017

Nursing gene discovered in Hull breakthough

Prof KN Owalot
The gene that determines nursing behaviour has been discovered at the University of Hull putting to rest decades of the 'nurture versus nature' argument with regard to nursing and its attendant caring behaviours.

The work was carried out by Professor K.N. Owalot and funded by the U.N. Welcome Trust (Genome programme). Referring to the research which is published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing Professor Owalot said: 'This is a genuine breakthrough. For decades we have been wasting money on nursing programmes - even up to degree level -  and interviews. This discovery means that we can simply select on the basis of a saliva sample.'

About the discovery, Professor Owalot explained that only two codons make up this gene and these codons are entirely composed of the base cytosine. Codons are made up of three bases so this gene is composed of: CCC CCC. 'We're calling this the 6Cs gene' says Professor Owalot.

For further information and interviews please conact the University of Hull Media Office.

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