Monday, 21 March 2016


2016: Hooray! A leap year! An extra day…..I for one am going to try leaping…into things, mainly!

And with this in mind, I leaped at the chance to attend the #WGT16 (We Get Together 2016), an inaugural get together to celebrate all things Twitter, amongst the fabulous people of the We Communities.

Held at Salford University on 29th February, the day was all about meeting the *real person* behind their Twitter *avatar*, and it really felt like meeting old friends. These were people who were previously met and known only through Twitter, but who have been having long and detailed conversations about the things we care about, and the @WeNurses community are a fab bunch. But there was someone for everyone, because the day was also a chance to meet people from the many other We Communities, including @WeDNs, @WeGPNs, @WeCYPnurses, @WeAHPs, @WeHealthVisitor, @WeMHnurses, @WeSchoolNurses and @WeMidwives, amongst others. And all brought together by the wonderful Teresa Chinn, MBE (@agencynurse).

Co-production, collaboration and joined-up thinking and planning were order of the day, and everyone left with a real sense of motivation. Motivation to continue to learn from one another, motivation to share that learning as widely as possible, and motivation to change things for the better…one tweet at a time!

The only down side is that we now have to wait another four whole years for the next one! #WGT20, and if like me you can’t wait that long, there’s always Twitter!

If you want more information about the We Communities, simply visit their website or follow one or all of the commuities on Twitter @WeNurses, etc, as above.

Lizzie Ette

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