Thursday, 10 March 2016

Research grant for faculty

Jane Wray [Senior Research Fellow], Eric Gardiner [Statistician] from the FHSC in collaboration with a research team from Humber Foundation Trust have been awarded £2781 of research capability funding from Hull Clinical Commissioning Group. These funds are to support continuation of their work on carer involvement in acute Mental Health Services. The team have been undertaking a pilot study to assess the impact of involving carers of people with mental health difficulties in risk assessment and now they have the opportunity to develop this area of research further.  For more information about the CIVRA [Carer Involvement in Risk Assessment] project, please contact Jane Wray or Haley Jackson, Research Nurse at Humber Foundation Trust.
Humber Foundation Trust colleagues presenting preliminary work from the CIVRA 
project at the NPNR conference in September 2015. L – R  Samantha Haigh
[Clinical Psychologist], Vicky Richards, [Assistant Psychologist], Dr Laura Stone
[Clinical Psychologist] Tracy Flanagan [Care Group Director], Meg Beadle
[Mental Health Nurse] Haley Jackson, [Research Nurse] and Dr Anne Parry, 
[Clinical Psychologist]

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