Friday, 18 May 2018

International visit by one of our students

One of our second year BSc nursing students Yusupha Fatty has had a clinical placement with the Medical Research Council (Gambia) for his alternative practice placement.
Yusupha said:

‘It has been a great experience and also gave me the opportunity to see and compare the health care system in Gambia to that of the UK. I was able to work in different clinics and interact with patients and staff’.

International placements are available to all second year SHSW students as a part of their two week ‘alternative practice’ experiences.

We strongly encourage international placements, as they help our UoH students to develop a cultural, clinical and personal awareness of healthcare across the globe. This year, students have had placements across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia. We are currently working on placements in America for our sports scientists.

Our SHSW international coordinator – Julie McDonald will be meeting our year 2 cohort of students in September to discuss these international opportunities.

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