Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Learning disability students visit Finland

In March 2018 4 learning disability students undertook an International placement in Northern Finland and looked at two different settings linked to nursing and residential care. One of the settings run by Lyhty Ry, a non -profit making association, was Lamppu Learning Unit a purpose built facility providing workshops services and residential living. According to the students one surprising feature was the high staff- resident ratio compared to the United Kingdom and the Finnish drive to encourage more independence for their students at the centre than the speciality encourages in the United Kingdom. From this part of the placement the students looked at the exercise and outdoor activities provided and felt that these should be further incorporated into services in England. The second placement was in a residential unit renovated for 5 students to live in, this area looked at behaviour modification.

The students say they will take what they learned in Finland and express the ethos of Lyty Ry and its positive impact on individuals with a learning disability to the nursing profession, together with trying to incorporate a more independence driven approach with patients and supporting healthier life style choices.

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