Friday, 20 January 2017

Long Term Conditions 2017 conference: report

The amazing view across London
from the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster,
with Big Ben, the London Eye and The Shard in the distance 
Despite the early start to the day, we enjoyed a fabulously sunny London (albeit in passing) as we attended the Long Term Conditions 2017 conference at The QEII Centre in Westminster this week.

It's just as well that there were three of us attending, as there was much on offer and we each attended different workshop and seminar sessions to optimise the opportunity to gather information.
With content focused on Dementia, Cardiovascular & Respiratory Diseases, Cancer, and Diabetes & Obesity, speakers highlighted current practice and research in these diverse areas of care.

What did we learn?
  • that there are some really exciting examples of good practice in the organisation and delivery of care, for example the Better Together project, helping people with long term conditions get home and stay home following health challenges, utilising integrated approaches to care delivery
  • that the contribution of very diverse members of a multi-disciplinary team can achieve great things when permitted to think creatively and, for example supported by The British Heart Foundation using the House of Care Programme;
  • that one size does not fit all, and that integrated approaches need to be tailored to local need, and draw upon a more diverse array of agencies, for example The Fire Service;
  • the whereabouts  of some fantastic resources, for example where to find public health data and learning resources such as Public Health England's fingertips website, and the British Social Attitudes website. Please do check these resources out for future reference, if you are not already aware of them.
Gill Wilson, Jackie Hutchison & Lizzie Ette


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