Friday, 5 August 2016

Out & About

Lizzie Ette

As a relatively new member of the University of Hull adult nursing teaching team, I have found it really useful to go out and about to support local events recently.

Deborah Robinson & I at HEY
In May, we spent the day at a fantastic event organised by Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust as part of its campaign Remarkable people. Extraordinary place. A brilliant attendance by local staff meant that we got to talk to lots of prospective pre- and post-registration students, and we exhausted our supplies of University prospectus in no time! A brilliant facility in the venue was access to the internet and our own TV screen, which meant we were able to walk staff members through the University of Hull website, which really helped showcase the University.

Grimsby Auditorium, for the North East Lincs Skills fair
In July, we were invited to attend the North East Lincolnshire Skills Fair, held at Grimsby Auditorium. This was a truly HUGE event organised in partnership with North East Lincolnshire Council, with multiple activities taking place throughout the day, and proved to be another great chance to make and retain links with fellow providers and potential students from across the region. A high point for me was bumping into old friends and University of Hull Alumni, and hearing all about their career successes since qualifying!

If you have time, do volunteer to attend similar events in future as they are another great way to keep in touch with everything going on ‘out there’ and to promote the Faculty of Health and Social Care, and the Nursing, Midwifery and allied health professionals courses.

Sarah Lonsdale, Clinical Practice Educator for NLAG, & Hull Nursing Alumni 
with Hull Alumni Kathy Holmes, Infant Feeding Lead, North East Lincs Council.

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