Friday, 1 April 2016

Donald Trump invited to launch new Faculty of Health & Social Work

Possible US Presidential candidate, the business man Donald Trump, has been invited to the University of Hull to launch the new Faculty of Health and Social Care.

Mr Trump, who will be accompanied by his wife, will give a speech based on his developing philosophy of healthcare:

  • All healthcare to be paid for at the point of delivery
  • People ought to take responsibilty for their own health and nobody else's
  • Registed nursing ought to be scrapped in favour of cheaper alternatives
  • Information about your health status ought to be freely available for all relavent authorities to see
  • Less money should be spent on healthcare
  • Five of the 6Cs ought to be abandoned - starting with 'compassion'
  • Other nationals should have no access to your healthcare system
  • Our country our rules
  • Lower taxes for all

Security will be very tight for this event and advanced booking must be made to the University of Hull Security office and this can be done online.

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