Thursday, 17 December 2015

Good news on scholarships for the faculty

Dear Colleagues

I am writing to announce the results of this year’s University-funded PhD scholarship competition. Thank you for your patience in waiting slightly longer than usual for the outcomes to be communicated to Faculties.

As you will know,  the allocation process changed this year, in favour of a new bidding procedure, with no prior allocations to Faculties. It was a tough competition, with some excellent submissions, and inevitably some areas fared better than others.  I am pleased to say that the Faculty of  Health and Social Care was awarded 3x PhD scholarships and one PDRA (band 7) for the cluster PoWER 360: Programme for Women Achieving Excellence in Research.  Congratulations to everyone involved!
I should be grateful if you could arrange for this news to be disseminated to the successful bidders.  I would be happy to feed back to those whose bids were unsuccessful on this occasion.

Each of these studentships will need to be ready for advertising shortly. If they have not been already, each project should be carefully defined, so that applicants have a clear sense of what the studentship entails. We are hoping to be able to advertise before the Christmas break. Colleagues should liaise with Dr Nigel Shaw in the Graduate School about this process.

Please let me know if you have any queries about any part of this process.

All good wishes,

Valerie Sanders
Graduate School

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