Sunday, 22 March 2015

Operating Department Practitioners visit to Army Medical Services

We had a very successful day  at the Army Medical Services Training Centre (AMSTC), Strensall, York.  We took 20 ODP students to show them all the training facilities that the army offers there.

We were also shown the specific facility and given an overview of the training that military personnel who are being deployed to Sierra Leone, on Operational Gritrock to help with the Ebola crisis go through.

They informed us that this training facility is known all over the world as a place that excels in military training as it has the ability to mirror that environment to which the army will be deployed to i.e. it can regulate the temperature and  humidity and other environment factors.

The students also had the opportunity to go into the training Chinook helicopter that simulate the conditions that medics who are part of the Medical Evacuation Response Team work in when caring for wounded causalities in the air.  They also experienced the cramped dark space they have to work in with the noise that the rota blades make.  They were also shown the casualty simulation facilities that assist in training so that they are able to care and treat wounded personnel the minute they arrived at a location.  It was an excellent day and all the students appeared to enjoy themselves.  It was a great network opportunity for the Faculty.

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