Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Jeremy Jolley in Brunei

I arrived at the University of Brunei Darussalam - unexpectedly, apparently but this has not dampened their enthusiasm to work together.

I arrived at the airport yesterday after 36 hours travelling to find that all the cash machines were out of action – so I had no money for a taxi! Fortunately, I had £25 with me but I had to go back into the airport as if I was flying out somewhere to find a money-changer. The £25 was enough to get me to the hotel, but I didn’t have any money for taxis today; I had enough to get to the university but not enough to bring me back to the hotel. There are few cash machines in Brunei – although I knew of one opposite the town (built on sticks) and thought I was going to have to get there somehow and then get back to the university for 10:30.  All this complicated by the fact that everyone has a car in Brunei, so there is little public transport and few taxis.  Of course, I assumed that that cash machine was working – otherwise I would be stuck in the town, and all this with jet lag  The desire to stay in bed was strong. I should have known, always take cash with you, preferably US dollars, sometimes they are the only thing that works!  However, after a long discussion with a member of hotel staff, they agreed - reluctantly -  to use my debit card to give me some money. 

Jeremy's new friend
Anyway, job done for today; made new contacts, the will is there and that’s what we want. Nice university, science faculty built in the shape of an atom; something you can do when you have money.

The view from my window is nice – feels like 35 degrees centigrade; nice actually, but too hot to walk more than half a mile.

My room was flooded but this has receded. Love the way the water comes through the walls when it rains, why can’t we have that in Hull?
Jeremy's accommodation

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