Friday, 17 January 2014

Peter Draper obtains research funding from the Averil Osborn Memorial Fund

Dr Peter Draper has obtained a grant of £3,000 from the  Averil Osborn Memorial Fund for a project titled: The power of words – older people’s experiences of health workers’ use of language.  
Peter Draper

Commenting on the project, Peter says:
The Averil Osborn Memorial Fund is administered by the British Society of Gerontology.  The mission of the fund is to ‘encourage and support research that enhances the quality of life and citizenship of older people’.  This funding will help me to develop my research into the impact of health workers’ language on the well-being of older people.  I will interview nine older people to explore their recent experience of interaction with health workers, and will also record a 5-minute ‘talking head’ video with each, in which they will summarise their experience, providing training materials for use with nurses and others.  The research will also contribute to the Well Being in Long Term Conditions Research Development Group.   The project is distinctive because it will be steered by a group of older people who will be involved in every stage of the research from recruitment of participants to the analysis of qualitative data.  The findings of the project will contribute to a bigger grant application I am currently preparing in collaboration with Dr Andrea Hilton, Dr Gloria Likupe and other colleagues.

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